Product Index

Information provided here will be used to compile the products index in the Catalog.
Exhibitors will be grouped into various products categories, as this will assist trade visitors to identify your company’s products/services.

(i)    Agriculture and Agro Allied

(ii)    Automobile & Allied Products

(iii)    Oil and gas

(iv)    Banking, Finance & Insurance

(v)    Building and Construction

(vi)    Chemical & Allied Products
(vii)    Plants and Equipment

(viii)    Cosmetics
(ix)    Electrical and Electronics

(x)    Office Equipment & Data Processing
(xi)    Food and Drinks

(xii)    Furniture and Fittings
(xiii)    Household/Domestic Products

(xiv)    Pharmaceutical / Healthcare
(xv)    Publications & Stationery

(xvi)    Sports & Recreation
(xvii)    Telecommunications / Information Technology

(xviii)    Textile, Fashion, Leather & Footwear
(xix)    Others